Ngoc hung vu, PhD

  • Researcher

  • Email:

  • Tel.: 0912730968

  • Research interests: His research interests are in the areas of finding electrode materials with new morphologies and properties for Li- and Na-ion batteries, Supercapacitor, and solid electrolyte for All-solid-state batteries; and understanding the mechanism behind the working of these materials.

Hong ha thi vu, Phd

  • Researcher

  • Email:

  • Tel.: 0333611680

  • Research interests:

 Luminescent materials

 Synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials

 Nanostructured (nanoporous, nanofiber, nanotube, nanoparticle, etc.) materials

 Nanocomposites

 Solar energy (Dye sensitized solar cell, Perovskite solar cell)

 Water treatment

 Utilization of waste

NGuyen thi khanh huyen

  • Research assistant

  • Email:

  • Tel.: 0964565591

  • Research interests:

- Photocatalyst

- Solar cells

- Water vaporation